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Vegan, Eco-Conscious Planning Support Package

Hi & Welcome,


After being in the wedding & event industry for many years, I have noticed a lack of knowledge & support for Couples, guests & vendors who are vegan or plant-based. I am here to change that!


I grew up with messaging from movies & tv, like Fern Gully & the Smoggies - totally calling out being a Millennial here, that we need to care for the environment & reduce our impact on the world but we didn't listen so I needed to take action where I could make a positive change. About six years ago, I started my journey to change my diet because a vegan diet is the most impactful change you can make to help decrease your environmental impact on the world around you. 


My goal has always been to provide support for Couples & Clients to achieve a stress-free celebration, with their family & friends - this will not change but I will focus on bringing vegan & eco-conscious options to every element of the planning process. Together we can plan an amazing wedding or event that is focused on your core beliefs with someone who understands & will be incorporating these options into all aspects from your menu, bar & decor.

I'd love to chat if you are looking for full or partial planning support at your next wedding or event! Don't forget to mention your valid VegOttawa membership to receive 15% off (up to $250) on your planning package



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